We commit ourselves:

– to stand by our clients in their efforts to develop and lead highly motivated teams

– to contribute to the change of attitude of their staff, turning them into active participants in the company success.


Eureka Training and Tests SRL

Eureka is a consulting company established in 2002 by Alexander Fuhrmann to continue the Training and Organizational Development work started at Amadeus Rom Consultants founded in 1995. Since that time, it has been offering personnel training and development programs. Over the years, Eureka earned the respect of its customers, including Romanian and international companies, and was allowed to become their trusted partner in achieving their goals.

Personnel training and development

The company focusses on the development and execution of programs that have an immediate impact on changing attitudes and providing the skills that lead to improved performance.

Seminars, training programs and workshops

We provide participants with a safe environment in which they can consider new solutions to the challenges they face in their daily work and reflect on alternative ways to lead their teams.