A wise manager is good at getting out of situations ...

... a wise one would not get into.


Training Topics

After an in-depth interview with the customer we identify the needs that the program should address. Eureka’s ready-made programs can be modified at customer’s request to incorporate individual issues or specific internal materials.

Within the topics in focus (Sales, Management, Communication, Team Building) Eureka offers ready-to-take training programs lasting 1/2-3 days as well as custom-made programs to be assembled according to your specific needs and wishes.

Each of the inidividual programs can either be part of a more comprehensive training unit or constitute a stand-alone topic addressed in a more thorough and in-depth manner.

Training Methods

Eureka’s basic assumption is that performance of people is influenced more by their attitudes than their skills. Therefore, the programs focus primarily on a change of attitude and after that on improving skills.

Participants should recognize that certain attitudes (such as trustworthiness, for example) can boost performance and chances of promotion. Ways to build the desired attitudes and traps to be avoided in the process are also considered.

The programs utilize tools that are suited to enhance involvement and foster attention: